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THE FULL STORY: Selling your boat privately may seem like a good idea that will save you money by not paying a broker's commission but have you really thought this through? 


The money you save on commission may well be a false saving if you are not comfortable undertaking negotiations, particularly in a competitive market with buyers seeking to squeeze as much out of your price as possible and also risking failure to sell because of your emotional attachment and thereby perpetuating the marina, insurance, maintenance and registration costs.  Are you aware of the legislated requirements when selling a boat, can your purchaser be sure the boat is unencumbered, are you prepared for a legal battle if things go wrong, do you understand the market and your competitors and are you prepared for the “fender kickers” who will inevitably make overtures to you and your boat but turn out to be time waters – these are some of the many questions when selling your boat that you need to consider.

As Professional Pre-Owned Boat Agents, E.Y.A. brings many years of experience and knowledge to the marketing and selling of your boat.  Proven results and excellent testimonials from our many clients will give you the confidence that E.Y.A. know what they are doing.  By engaging a Professional Used Boat Agency you can expect more interest in your boat, we take care of the irritation of the “fender kickers” and have strategies to qualify potential buyers before they become time wasters. Our formal process of contracting with both seller and buyer provide comfort and assurance which removes the uncertainty that often comes with deals attempted between private sellers and buyers.

When you engage with sell your boat, here is what you are getting:


Vessel Preparation:


First impressions really count so ensuring your boat is looking its best and ready to receive prospective customers who will be looking at it with a critical eye helps to ensure genuine and serious offers, faster sales and limits downward pressure on price during negotiations.  We will inspect your vessel and prepare a listing valuation and offer suggestions to improve presentation to the market.  We have spent many years developing relationships with marine specialists whom we can refer to you to assist in getting your boat ready to sell.


Premium Media:


Standing out from the crowd is vital in todays busy and crowded world.  Attention spans are brief when searching through hundreds of boats on multiple websites so we have made significant investment into quality equipment and skills enabling us to capture images and video of your vessel that generates interest and directs enquiries to your boat.  This includes premium quality still photography, on water video and aerial photos and video. 


Avoid Surprises:


So often we have seen sales fall through because a surprise was found during a pre-purchase survey inspection.  For a modest cost, well below the usual survey costs we can arrange for a reliable and qualified Marine Surveyor to conduct a pre-listing inspection.  This will determine if any issues or problems may arise in the future and give you the opportunity to rectify any problems identified (or at least be prepared) should they come up in a buyer’s survey.  This has the added benefit of effectively declaring the vessel a “certified used vessel” an excellent tool in marketing, setting your boat apart and projecting confidence to prospective buyers.


Web advertising:

Most people looking to buy go straight to the Internet. To maximize your vessel’s exposure we advertise on some of the following sites:

The above reach is more than any private seller can hope to achieve and should ensure your boat reaches the attention of the boat buying audience of Australia and Internationally. All adverts will include detailed specifications, professional photography, and description and we cover all costs, you pay nothing for this service.

Direct marketing:


We have a continually growing database of prospective purchasers, owners and industry contacts to ensure your vessel is sent to the right people in Australia. We can send out a dedicated email to this database as soon as our advertising is ready.  This database includes many prospects that we have engaged through years of interactions with the market place and there is a good chance your vessel will sell to someone on this database or an associate of someone on this database.


Social Media:

Our social media avenues include Face Book and Youtube. Your boat can be advertised on all of these to ensure the best exposure. We reach thousands of prospective clientelle around the world through these methods. Youtube also allows us to present a walk through and on-water video to prospective buyers from interstate and overseas, in effect allowing them to see the boat as she is without the need to travel first, especially relevant in these times of restricted travel and border closures.



We provide feedback updates as much as you would like. Wherever there is an opportunity to update you with changes to our advertising or with an interested prospect we shall call or email straight away to let you know.  We will also monitor the progress of your vessel’s marketing campaign and provide you with data feedback to explain how it is performing.



Because we are a boutique used boat agency with controlled and low overheads we can offer the best value for money commissions available in Australia.  Don’t pay too much and make sure you’re getting the highest standard of presentation, marketing and customer service.  Talk to us about what we can do for you and your boat!

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